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Hi! I'm James Langford, a web designer from Dudley, UK. After finishing my MSc in Computer Science, I decided to take my passion for web design and development to another level and start up my own web design company. Coming from a background in Computer Science, I am well versed in all of the languages used in web development, and in using the Adobe suite to produce professional looking graphics and media.

Langford Creative is a one man web design and creative solutions company, striving to provide small businesses with websites that make them stand out from the crowd but also arrive in a timely fashion! I design and develop bespoke websites and websites that are hosted through and created using Squarespace. Scroll down to see the many benefits that come with a website with by Langford Creative!


Langford Creative specialises in providing individuals and businesses with web design and development solutions that will make your brand stand out from the crowd, whether we are building you a new website from the ground up or just giving your current website a makeover! See our web design options.

We are also capable of designing and creating logos, business cards, brochures or any other kind of graphic design solution you might need. If any of these services catch your eye, get in touch!


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