Using a Website Builder
A Website from Scratch

Choosing how you want your website designed, developed, and hosted can be as difficult of a decision as deciding the content you want to put on it!
Langford Creative offers multiple options for the development of your website and this section aims to clearly identify the pros and cons of each choice, helping you to decide what’s best suited for your needs. A Website Builder is an online tool that aids in the design and development of your website, typically speeding up the process. Squarespace and WordPress are the most commonly used and high quality website builders currently on the market and in-use by Langford Creative.

Website Builder

+ Fast set-up time.
+ Small changes can be made to the websites without needing a developer once deployed.
+ SEO Optimised.
+ Highly customisable templates that are mobile responsive (around half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices! ).
+ Hosting and security certificates included in the price, domain name is free for the first year.
+ Cheaper development fees.

- Hosting fees are more expensive once website has been set up.
- Templates - although they are highly customisable - limit design choices.

Between £10 - £30 monthly depending on your needs. Packages can be upgraded and downgraded accordingly.
Domain name is £16 a year after first year.
Langford Creative will charge additional development rates for setting up the website (these development charges will be less than if the website was developed from scratch) depending on the scale and requirements of the project.


From Scratch

+ Completely original website design.
+ Cheaper hosting plans.
+ Scalable to fit your needs.
+ Resposive web design.
+ SEO Optimised.

- Development takes longer and is more costly.
- Any changes that couldn't be considered "small" would need development time.

Domain names start at £16 a year.
Hosting can be as cheap as £2 a month, scaling to your websites needs.
Development costs and time taken is considerably larger given the bespoke nature of the development and according to the scale and requirements of the project.


What would Langford Creative recommend?

This decision is normally made on a case-by-case basis, ensuring the best results for the deployment and maintenance of your website. Most importantly, we want to ensure you make the right decision so that you are extremely happy with the end result.

If one of these solutions sparks some interest, or if you just need some further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want to help you every step of the way!

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