Billy Spakemon
Academic and Personal Website


Homepage of, contains a promotional banner directing the users to the latest section of the website, the blog.


Brian Dakin PhD (aka Billy Spakemon) is a Black Country academic, writer, poet, and singer-songwriter. Billy wanted a website that was capable of encapsulating his academic work, creative work, and charity work, with the addition of having the ability to sell his merchandise online. He described himself as a bit of a technophobe, so we aimed to develop something that is easy to use and navigate, while swaying away from having the website feel “too modern”.



The Process

The process started with a face-to-face meeting between Langford Creative and Billy, where the initial design and sitemap of the website was discussed. Communication was mainly through e-mail, where a passworded version of the website was accessible for the client to view and to provide feedback on. Updates from Langford Creative came via e-mail every time something needed to be cleared up or significant progress was made.

The majority of media on the site was provided in a physical form and were converted into a digital format for the website. This included all of the personal images in the biography, and all of the CDs and books in the store sections of the site.

The website is consistently maintained by Langford Creative, and hosted through Squarespace, which provides an interface for Billy to manage the merchandise section and his orders separately.

The interactive article section of the website. The user can turn pages using the mouse or finger (on mobile). Simulating the feel of a real book or magazine.



A snippet of the music store available on the website. Each of these albums are ready for purchase and is easily expandable and maintainable.

Final Product

The website encapsulates a biography of Billy’s life, a store for his music and books, an interactive viewer for his academic and less serious articles, a list of his upcoming events, a blog, and a section for his miscellaneous projects.

The website is easily navigable and understandable while presenting a lot of information over a range of mediums to try and keep the user entertained. The design of the website is fit to the personality of Billy and his work, while providing an online headquarters for the plethora of projects that he is (and will continue to be) involved in.

Visit the website at, and if you are from the local area of the Black Country, UK don’t hesitate to attend one of his events, he is very passionate about his work and the culture of the area in which he lives!


Like what you see?

I needed somebody to put my ideas into practice while also explaining to me the mechanics of the site as it was being built. James used all his flair and creative ability to transfer all my data across and shape it into what I feel is a really informative and enjoyable read. Nothing was too much trouble and some of his own ideas enhanced what I was thinking regarding how to display various aspects of my work. We will be working together to build on the bedrock he has created and I cannot thank him enough. To anyone thinking of building or updating a site: James is your man without a doubt.
— Billy Spakemon aka Brian Dakin